Maybe We’ve Had Enough Awareness

Diabetes awareness with blue and grey ribbonWhat is there to say about “Diabetes Awareness:? Everyone is aware. You know it is there, and you also know that it is a health hazard. But that’s the problem actually.

If you know all about something and it never seems to change, year after year, being “aware” of it, yet again, can seem pointless.


Time For A Change

Now that everyone is aware, we should move to make this month about an ongoing rededication to  the healthy lifestyles that can help reduce our risk of getting diabetes. Our message should be to Defy Diabetes, and here’s how to do it through nutrition; Defy Diabetes, and here’s how to do it through exercise; Defy Diabetes, and here’s the latest medical advancements that can help.

In other words, move from awareness to action. If we truly are going to Defy Diabetes, this must be an ongoing fight that we re-dedicate ourselves to each year. Not as an awareness, but a reminder to lace up your shoes, step into the ring, and make a difference.


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