While You’re At It ….

We’re so excited to be running this campaign to help combat childhood obesity. This pilot program will be expanded each year until childhood obesity (now at a shameful 15% nationwide) is reduced to 5%.

If you are in need of losing weight, or know someone you can sponsor, please join us!!

For the month of April, I want you to focus on reducing the faux foods in our life. This is such a perfect time to give up the junk and add in fresh veggies. “Eat Clean” and you’ll eliminate the high fructose corn syrup that sabotages your weight efforts, the hydrogenated oils that contribute to heart disease, and the dyes and preservatives and stabilizers that give your food the shelflife (and taste) of plastic.

Log on, track your weight, and let’s contribute your success to our kids. When you lose, kids win!!

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