Doctors Dissing Dairy Debatable

Our culture of health can be so misleading, especially when we hear reasonable.

This woman is Amy Lanou, who co-authored this article dissing the prospective role of dairy in diet . If you read the release, you’ll see that they make it seem like she is an academic who is helping Dr. Barnard on their dairy research project.

However, she is actually a part of the same group — the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine — which is an extreme and aggressive organization.

When Robert Atkins tragically slipped, cracked his head, and ultimately diet, this group had the foul taste to publish an article stating that Dr. Atkins was obese upon his death and that his weight was due to his dietary approach. This was blatantly untrue … not only was he not obese, but he simply gained water weight due to the edema that was caused by his fall.

But this group took advantage of his tragedy, twisted it to their own ideological ends, even when they (if they are indeed physicians) knew this to be false.

Now they are slamming dairy. Maybe they are right this time, but such inappropriate and unsavory behavior on their part makes anything they say suspect.

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