Crying Out Loud: Octobers Healthiest Foods (w video)

Dry your eyes, princess, onions are awesome. Say it with me … “onions are awesome”. Thank you!! 

Yes, they make you cry when you cut them, but they make you very happy if you are a diabetic … helping you control your blood sugar (here you go, science geeks and data heads). 

And you’re asking me, “why is this an October food, when I can get these all year round?” Good question. The answer is that onion crops peak in the fall. The stuff you get at other times of the year  will either come shipped in from somewhere else (like plums from Peru, or apples from Australia), or be produced in some other agro-controlled way. 

So now — and this is just me talking — is the time to get the onions that will taste the best. You know how you get those winter tomatoes that are whitish in the middle and pithy and mealy and [fill in the blank with some term that means low flavor]? The same thing will happen for any of your veggies. So get the onions now, they’ll likely taste better!! 

Why do onions make you cry? 
This is a great video showing 1) why this happens at all, and 2) how to prevent it from happening. 

Include the Food 
(don’t drink it by the gallon, just have it once in a while)
Killer recipe for French Onion Soup, from my 2nd book, The French Don’t Diet

I love when this happens. French Onion Soup is a perfect fall food because it’s hot, it’s got these awesome caramelized onions, with a scatter of cheesy bready wonderfulness. 

Make this soup yourself this weekend. It’s so easy, and cheap to throw together!! Once you do it, start playing with your food to tweak the savor and flavor to be EXACTLY what you want it to be. 
Click here for the recipe.  

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