The Mohammad Ali of Foods: The Healthiest Foods of October (w Dr Oz video)

“The greatest of all time!”
I remember watching Mohammad Ali as a child, and you could not NOT watch him. So fast, as the butterfly floating, bee stinging champ; the greatest of all time. 

I’m going to say that he was the greatest of all time, because I love the guy, but also because he did so many things in the ring so well. 

So, after slobbering on about how awesome Mohammad Ali is, why am I linking him to the lowly cabbage? 

Because the cabbage is the greatest fighter of all time. Not against Sonny Liston and Smokin’ Joe Frazier, but against all cancers. 

Listen to this. 
Over 1,000 men at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center ate 28 servings of vegetables a week. They had a 35% lower risk of prostate cancer. Blah blah blah, we might have guessed that. BUT, those who ate just 3 or more servings of cruciferousveggies per week had a 44% lower prostate cancer risk.

The same thing was found in the Netherlands on over 100,000 people. They followed these people for over 6 years, and found that those eating the most vegetables had a 25% lower risk of colorectal cancers. 


However, those eating the most cruciferous vegetables did almost twice as well with a 49% drop in their colorectal cancer risk.

Americans, Netherlanderthals, and also Chinese women in Singapore, who struggle with fetid air pollution levels, returned the identical result. Non-smokers who eat cruciferous vegetables like cabbage had 30% less lung cancer. In smokers, regular cruciferous vegetable consumption reduced lung cancer risk an amazing 69%!

Include The Food 
(you don’t have to eat 10 heads of cabbage per day, just have it from time to time)
Cabbage is not just about slaw – although slaw qualifies as a solid Righteous Food. You can also braise with, say, chopped apple and red wine. You can also sauté it with onions as a tasty side dish. 

In this video, I am talking with Dr Oz about cabbage, sour kraut, and the simple things you can do to prepare it in your own home. 

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