How To Get Kids To Eat Better: The Magic Solution

People try all kinds of crazy things to be healthy — both for them and their families. But here’s a radical solution: eat with the people you love in your life. 

Take your time. Talk. 

Need data? 
Schoolchildren whose families ate dinner together every night ate 1.6 more servings of fruits and vegetables each day compared with those whose families never ate together. 

In addition, parents who ate fruits and vegetables every day and who cut them up for their children had kids who ate more of them (P=0.001 for both), the researchers reported online in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.

Common problems often have common solutions. They’re not sexy solutions, so we tend to overlook, dismiss, and just blow them off. We think, “How could the key to ‘getting my children to eat better’ be this simple”? But my question is, “How could the solution be this simple, and so many families still miss it”?

More data: 
After adjustment for age, sex, ethnicity, and a measure of deprivation, children from families that reported “always” eating a family meal together ate, on average, 125 more grams of fruits and vegetables compared with those from families that “never” ate a meal together. Eating a family meal together “sometimes” was associated with consumption of 95 grams more.

Children whose parents ate fruits and vegetables every day ate 88 grams of fruits or vegetables more than those who parents rarely or never ate the foods. Having a parent who cut up the fruits and vegetables was associated with consumption of 44 grams more each day. 

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