How To Walk Back Rising Healthcare Costs

Politicians futz and fume over rising healthcare costs, honestly seeming like schoolyard children sometimes. Short of putting them in “Time Out”, I have a suggestion that is super cost effective as well as being, well, just effective! 

Take STROKE as an example. 

Here’s The Economic Cost of Stroke Every Year

How To Reduce Those Treatment Costs

  • Women who walked briskly for 210 minutes or more per week (that’s only 30 minutes per day for only 6 days per week!!) had a lower stroke risk than inactive women
  • This translated to a whopping 43 percent reduction in stroke risk (article just pubbed in the American Heart Association journal, Stroke. Full Article is here)

Cost of the “prevention medicine”? 

  • Maybe $25 for a pair of shoes

Cost savings? 

  • 42 Billion, 999 Million, 999 Thousand, 975 dollars

This amounts to a 171.9 BILLION PERCENT return on investment (ROI). Investors hope, hope, hope for a consistent return of 10% or so. If you could produce a 171.9 billion percent return … every year … you would have a winning formula. 

Maybe we should start with that. Just thinking out loud.

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