COVID Advice For Families: Structure Up!

CDC and WHO poster on parenting during quarantine conditions
Download these tips:
Create a flexible but consistent daily routine

Make a schedule for you and your children that has time for structured activities as well as free time. This can help children feel more secure and better behaved.

Children or teenagers can help plan the routine for the day – like making a school timetable. Children will follow this better if they help to make it.

Include exercise in each day – this helps with stress and kids with lots of energy at home.

Teach your child about keeping safe distances

If it is OK in your country, get children outside. You can also write letters and draw pictures to share with people. Put them up outside your home for others to see!

You can reassure your child by talking about how you are keeping safe. Listen to their suggestions and take them seriously.

Make handwashing and hygiene fun

Make a 20-second song for washing hands. Add actions!

Give children points and praise for regular handwashing. Make a game to see how few times we can touch our faces with a reward for the least number of touches (you can count for each other).

You are a model for your child’s behaviour

If you practice keeping safe distances and hygiene yourself, and treat others with compassion, especially those who are sick or vulnerable – your children and teenagers will learn from you.

At the end of each day, take a minute to think about the day. Tell your child about one positive or fun thing they did. Praise yourself for what you did well today. You are a star!


In these exceptional times, even though we all may find ourselves cooped up inside, everyone’s experience may be different. For some, you may be home alone and dealing with the sense of isolation that may bring. But others with a family at home have their own unique challenges.

These posters from the CDC and other international health organizations are designed specifically for this purpose. Over the next 6 weeks, they will cover many issues you may face if you are quarantining with kids.

Click here to download this poster from the WHO website.

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