Mindfulness Month! Go Slow, You Know?

There is no better time than December to practice mindfulness. So all month our theme will be the mindfulness methods that can help make this the most wonderful time of the year.

Sign on clothes clip saying to Slow Down Relax and De StressSometimes we just try to do too much, and your schedule can become overloaded, pulling you in too many directions. When this happens, even activities that are normally fun can feel stressful.

The solution is to slow down. One strategy for slowing down is to be comfortable saying “NO”. It’s okay to respectfully turn down a request when your schedule is already filled to capacity.

Also, you budget your money, but you should also budget your time. Plan what must be done, then allocate some relaxation minutes in your day as well. This could be meeting with coworkers after hours, walking your dog in the park, or attending a book club.

Slowing down in this way is important because if you become too busy, then activities you planned to be a stress reliever may not even serve their purpose!

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