Train Your Brain For Portion Control

CG Brain Lifting WeightsPeople will say, “I eat a lot because I am just that hungry.” However, it is closer to the truth to say that you are that hungry BECAUSE you eat a lot.

In other words, we train our brains to expect a certain volume of food. This happens physiologically and psychologically with the amount of food that you feel like is an appropriate amount for you.

Basically, if you eat large amounts, your body will start to assume that that higher volume is normal.

The good news is that the opposite is just as true. If you eat small bites, taste your food, and take your time with it, the amount of food you consume at a meal will decrease. If you are consistent with this practice, over time your body will start to assume that that lower threshold is normal.

This puts your body and brain in training!

This adaptation happens psychologically (how much you feel like you should eat), chemically (how much your brain senses you should eat before registering that you are full), and physically with the size of your stomach.  This is very good news because it means you can sculpt how much food your body craves.

Eat all you want. Just want less.

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