The most unhealthy drinks

Popular “detox” drinks promise to cleanse everything from liver to lymph. But your body’s internal mechanisms were built to do just that, if we could just get out of its way. One excellent first step is to give up drinks that make your body work harder to clean up the toxins.


Kick the Can

Giving up sodas is a great first step. Colas have the phosphoric acid that can help pull calcium out of your body. Your body needs calcium in every cell, so it pulls what it needs from your bones, and this can make them even more brittle than they are.

Get Real

Find the ingredients that are truly unreal. Those that contain artificial sugars and colors. These are associated with a host of health issues, and should be avoided altogether. An easy rule is to look for ingredients you can read, that was alive at some point in the past, and that your grandparents consumed.


If you still consume the “creamers” for your coffee, just note that the first two ingredients include both hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup. These are not good for you by themselves. Together, it’s even worse.


With these three rules, you can start to detox your body by simply allowing your body’s own detoxification processes to work at their best!


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