The Magic Mediterranean diet is not a panacea. It never was.

magic-hat-electricLike magic, the Mediterranean Diet seems to cure all ills — diabetes, heart disease, obesity, crappy food choices. But it can’t cure all of them. You still need to move and be active. Crazy right? 

This study looked at 3,358 young people (between 18 and 30 y.o.) with prediabetes, and then followed up 25 years later. They wanted to see whether the people with diabetes later on were also fit, or ate a Mediterranean style diet.

Results? Being fit was associated with reduced risk of diabetes. The miraculous Mediterranean diet was neither here nor there.

But here’s the real magic. Eating real food, in control, and moving every day together decreases your risk of bad things happening to your body and increases your risk of good things. Shazam! 

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