Hormone Replacement Therapy Redux

It’s back. Even though articles like this one remind us that women who take HRT are at an increased risk of stroke, and your risk of this life-threatening event is not decreased if you are young or old, more articles are appearing that attempt to re-introduce this pharmaceutical.

One company that markets the drugs to women, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, sells the hormone therapy called Premarin, and said in a statement that

“Hormone therapy continues to be an effective option for many women when used at the lowest dose for the appropriate duration consistent with treatment goals and risk for the individual woman,” according to Danielle Halstrom, senior director of global public relations at Wyeth Women’s Health Care. “Hormone therapy is the most effective FDA-approved treatment for menopausal symptoms, and the benefits of hormone therapy may outweigh the risks for many symptomatic menopausal women.”

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