Omega-3s: The Batman of the Body?

Here’s what they said in this article (link to full content posted below):

ā€œ[Other] studies, along with our observations, suggest that omega-3 PUFA supplementation may play an important role in preventing weight gain and improving weight loss when omega-3 PUFA are supplemented concomitantly with a structured weight-loss programme.ā€

But when you look at the study, the results are not on the same planet with those comments.

Here’s what actually happened. Researchers took blood from a bunch of people, and then measured how much Omega-3 Fatty Acids they had on board. They next looked to see who had the best health status, weight, etc.

The people with higher Omega-3 FAs on board had lower weight. This may be because Omega-3 FAs are physiological fat fighters, like batman for the body, warding off the evil fat molecules, and if we just had more of those in our blood, well, then the problems would be solved.

Alternatively, it may mean that the people who tend to eat better also tend to have more Omega-3 FAs, and also tend to control their weight. In this case, the data mean that you need to eat well, control portions, and get off the couch.

Finally, what the data do not say or suggest or even flirt with is the possibility that supplementation with Omega-3 FA pills might have any connection to low weight — unless, of course, it does turn out to be the body’s Batman.

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