Spoiler Alert. Holiday Drink Calorie Counts

Knowledge is power. 

But it can also be a bummer if your secret favorite on-the-sly guilty pleasure is some form of eggnog brulee latte whipped caramel cream explosion thingy.

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So I wanted to give you just a little understanding of what is in your holiday cheer. When we are given plain information, I think people can make much better decisions. With that in mind, check out the following graphics to see just what surprise awaits you in your little holiday indulgence!

From The Fast Food Lane
This pic comes from a standard fast food version of eggnog. It’s very clear that this is not something that you should choose because it’s amazing. 

A whopping 730 calories in one serving. That’s almost one-half of all the calories you need in an entire day, piled on just because you made an impulse purchase in the drive-thru. This one is a total no-brainer. There are many more wonderful ways to get your calories that this.

From Your Grocery Store
Clearly, “fast food everything” should always be suspect. But what about the stuff that’s in a standard grocery store? 

This picture shows the ingredients found in one particular brand of eggnog in one particular grocery store. There’s nothing notable about this … except the rogue’s gallery of additive sugars. 

High fructose corn syrup, sugar, corn syrup, AND brown sugar (because sweeteners 1, 2, and 3 just weren’t enough!). That’s why just one cup gives you 360 calories. If that weren’t enough to prevent you from giving this to your children, check out the colors, preservative, and stabilizers. That should do it.
From The Coffee Shop

Finally, these are the calorie counts and nutritional information for all Starbucks holiday products. 

If you want to maintain your weight over the holidays this year, giving up these massive sources of calories would be a good place to start.  

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