Weight Weight! Get Out.

You have to get outside every day if you’re serious about controlling your weight. Not just for exercise, but also for your emotional health. And these two — your physical and emotional health — interact in synergistic ways.

And here’s the hurdle. You don’t want to go outside because it’s gloomy, so you’re gloomy. You don’t want to move more because all this hanging about in the house turns you into a couch slug and you just want to binge Game of Thrones (again) until the weather clears.

But the good news is that the solution to being gloomy is getting outside. Especially if there is sunshine, the impact it has on your emotional health is significant. The solution to having no energy to move outside in the first place, is to move. The more active you are, the more energy you will have.

So make a decision to A) get outside especially if there is sunlight around, and B) move more so that you have the energy to … move more!


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