Chlorinated Brownies

My daughter was asking about making brownies for a bake sale at her school (a public high school), and was told that she certainly could.


Oh, as long as you make them with chlorinate sugar (a.k.a., Splenda). The cafeteria had gone over their limit in the amount of sugar they can serve in a day.

So, as long as the brownies are made with synthetic chemicals, you can feed them to children.

The absurd part of this is the fact that the majority of sugar consumed in the U.S. Is eaten through the additive sugars found in processed food products (high fructose corn syrup, being the most common).

It does not come from the sugar in your tea (or brownies).

If the cafeteria is over their sugar limit, it is most likely because they are offering too many processed food products. There is no additive sugar in Potato, Chicken, or Fish.

This is a perfect example of our current culture of health.
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