Why Heart Disease Is Treated Like a Boys’ Club

It’s very clear that medicine goes through trends, fads, and habitual behaviors, just like every other facet of our culture: from bell bottoms, big hair, and break dancing, to margarine, Egg Beaters, and ice pick lobotomies. They appear, play out for a while, and we finally trade them in for another one. It’s only when we look backwards that we get the shudders and say “man, that was stupid. Glad we don’t do THAT any more.”

This article by Ms Streisand provides a great example of a trend we are in the middle of right now. Once heart disease got branded as the man disease, and breast cancer as the woman disease, some kind of intellectual inertia was established and sustains what people “know” to be true. It will only be after we get this particular fad behind us that we’ll look back and scratch our heads at how unrealistic we could possibly have been.

Importantly, articles like this (from a performer!!) help push the scientific knowledge away from such artificial divisions, and slow the inertia.

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