Buyer Beware: 13 “Health Foods” That Just Aren’t

This is a great article that lists 13 “Health Foods” that just aren’t (the link is below). 

Face it … everything looks good on the shelf, so how are YOU supposed to know what is really a food that’s good for you and what is not. 

What to watch for: 

  1. First of all, don’t believe the ads. And the front of the box is not a description … it’s an ad.
  2. Flip the product over and look at the ingredients list on the back — sometimes its written in micro-fiche.
  3. Check the additive sugars and salt content. If they’re adding salt and sugar, put it back. 
  4. Look for unpronounceable ingredients. These are typically synthetics that have no business in your body. 

I know, I know, it shouldn’t be this hard, but welcome to our Culture of Health. That said, once you identify the brand names that are “clean”, you don’t have to search and search any more. You go straight to that brand. 

Check out this article and let me know your thoughts. 

The Sweet Beet: 13 “Health Foods” That Aren’t

For more information: Click here to visit Will Clower’s website.

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