What does it mean that “Fish consumption hits all time high”?

Global fish consumption has reached its highest ever level of about 17 kg per person on average, supplying more than 3bn people with at least 15 per cent of their average animal protein intake, according to a new report from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

That’s huge! 

Most of the increase comes from the strong growth of aquaculture, which is set to overtake capture fisheries as the main source of fish.

So the question now is … how can we sustain the change we are becoming? If we deplete our fisheries we deplete our food supplies. This is not just a theoretical problem … we must develop practical, sustainable models that ensure 1) food safety, and 2) food availability. 

According to this article
The continued depletion of global stocks threatens world food security, he added. “That there has been no improvement in the status of stocks is a matter of great concern. The percentage of overexploitation needs to go down although at least we seem to be reaching a plateau.”
The percentage of overexploited, depleted or recovering fish stocks in the world’s oceans is estimated to be slightly higher than in 2006. About 32 per cent of world fish stocks are estimated to be overexploited, depleted or recovering and need to be rebuilt urgently, said the report.
Most stocks of the top 10 commercial fish species, accounting for nearly a third of the total global catch were fully exploited, warned the report.

For example: Of the seas’ 23 tuna stocks, most (possibly 60 per cent) are more or less fully exploited, some are overexploited or depleted (possibly 35 per cent) and only a few (mainly skipjack) appear to be underexploited.

Fish consumption hits all time high: FAO report

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