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How To Eat Light:

In our last day in Bonifacio, I had one of those days where I just wasn't hungry, throughout the day.

So much good food, but no real appetite to eat it with!! I wasn't ill, I just wasn't that hungry.

Thinking back to the day before, I had had an evening meal with fish soup (w the croutons, rouille, and Parmesan … Oh la la), followed by a sea bass filet in a white sauce w capers and diced sautéed egg plant, followed by a selection of Corsican cheeses.

All portions were modest, and the whole meal took about two hours overlooking the incoming boats along the quay. But even at that, I felt satisfied throughout the next day.

I think this is how it works — higher quality food leads in the end to lower quantity consumption. Cravings go away.

But when i tell people that i had a light eating day, they often look at me like i have two heads … And thats because so many of you eat whether you are hungry or not.

• "I have to eat lunch because someone told me to";
• "I have to eat every three hours because I read something about this new diet theory;
• "I have to eat breakfast because if I don't, by 10:30, I may wither up like the Wicked Witch — 'I'm melting, melting. Ah, what a world, what a world' — from the hunger."

We all need to be more intuitive about our eating, hunger and satiety. Face it, you're going to have days when you're just not hungry. When that happens, enjoy your light eating day.

And all you need to do to have those wonderful light eating days is to listen to your body, and honor the feelings you feel.

Oh, and don't eat just to eat just to eat, just because someones theory told you to.

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