Healthy Breakfast Roundup: Your Favorite Morning Eats (PHOTOS)

Best breakfast ever? Southwestern huevos.

Start with a bed of black beans, steaming hot and spiced with some chili powder, cumin, S&P. On top of this is placed, with love, crumbled feta to give it a little salty somthin somethin. Next in this pile of wonderfulness is your egg, which should honestly be is done over easy so you get that nice yellow yolk of yumminess throughout.

Now, top the egg with a salsa made with a lovely duo of diced tomatoes and diced onions. But they’re made even tastier by bathing them in a basic salad dressing mix of EVOO and balsamic vinegar. Finally, you’ll need a little green snap to round things out. So, if you have them, add a sprinkle of either scallions or chives.

You’re going to love this!
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