The Healthy Foods You Should Eat. Every. Day!

You know those little “champagne” mangoes? They’re out right now!! 

Go find them. Eat them. You can eat them on a boat, you can eat them with a goat, you can eat them on a train, you can eat them in the rain!! 
If you want to add a wonderful food to your life, which will make you happy every. single. time. it happens, get these little mangoes and slice them up every chance you get.

Here’s What You Do
Just take the skin off with a potato peeler. Then, you can cut the meat off with a knife, along the long edge of the seed (it’s oblong, meaning that it’s wide on one side and skinny on the other). After you’ve carved off the mango meat off the front and the back side of the seed, you have two choices:

1. trim the bit of meat that remains around the outside of the seed.
2. just chew on it … for quality control, you know, to, um, make sure it’s safe for everyone else, you know.

Use mango as a dessert, use it as an addition to your salad, or add it to avocado/lime/cumin to make the best salsa on the planet!!
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