More (Emotional) Heart Happiness = Less (Physical) Heart Crappiness

There’s an exception to every rule … except for the rule that there’s an exception to every rule. 

For example, self-medication is almost never recommended. But in this case, these two drugs are so effective and infectious that you would do well to dose up and get started right away. 

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Happiness. The Wonder Drug. 
In a 2012 review of over 200 separate studies, this meta-analysis found that positive mental states (such as optimism, happiness, and life satisfaction) were directly correlated to a lower risk for cardiovascular disease. 

And if you’re heart health weren’t enough, subjects of this study showed that those with greater well-being scores had: 

lower levels of [the stress hormone] cortisol, pro-inflammatory cytokines, cardiovascular risk, and longer duration REM sleep compared with those showing lower levels”. 

Lower stress hormones, lower chronic inflammation, heart disease risk … and better sleep! 

If there were a medication that you could prescribe to do all theses things, Big Pharma would make big bucks selling a big boxes of these at Costco. But this particular drug is free, with only positive side effects.

Laughter. The Wonder Drug.
Simple laughter does amazing things, like reducing the stress hormones cortisol, as well as epinephrine. These two together can push your body into a full blown stress response through the sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight response).

And what a simple thing to do. For example, watching just 30 minutes of Seinfeld, or something that just makes you laugh out loud, can help improve your immune system … so you’re just less likely to get sick. 

Your arteries function better, and it is also associated with a reduction in the chemical causes of join pain. Yeah, laughter does that.

So if you’re looking for a great medication with zero bad side effects, start with laughter and then add happiness. That should do it.  

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