What If Docs Prescribed The Mediterranean Approach?

Can you imagine?

“Take 2 tomatoes, an avocado, a glass of wine and call me in the morning.”

Or …

“Here’s the food for a Mediterranean approach for the next month … that’ll be a $20 co-pay and insurance pays the rest.”

If these imaginary conversations existed in a bookstore, they wouldn’t be shelved in the Non-Fiction section, nor Fiction or even Romance, but on out there in the hinterlands of the Fantasy section.

But Why Doesn’t This Happen?

At this point, everyone knows how important this approach is for health — it’s been named the healthiest diet on Earth about a thousand times.

Not just everyday folks, but clinicians also know the Mediterranean approach is the healthiest on earth, due to its clinically significant science showing how it lowers a person’s risk for:

  • heart disease,
  • diabetes,
  • obesity,
  • cognitive decline,
  • and even supports longevity.


All that.

All in one super tasty package.

So What Now?

While we’re waiting on the current clinical recommendations to come around to solutions even half as effective as the Mediterranean approach, maybe we should try a little “self-medication” on our own.

I’m not talking about the wine, so settle right down. If you do take wine with your meal, you must keep it to 1-2 / day (glasses, not bottles … just sayin’ ).

In either case, work on the main components of the Mediterranean approach:

  1. The nutrition part: Eating real food, mostly plants, and do that in control.
  2. The activity part: Adding more movement in your day, and choose ones that you happen to love doing.
  3. The mindfulness part: Finding your peace even in this crazy busy life.

In other words, you’re going to do what healthy people do, so you can get their results.

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Doing this is basically writing your own Mediterranean prescription to get that whole “longer healthier life thing”.

But just keep this in mind. Just because you don’t know exactly what to do now, or aren’t perfect at it to start with, doesn’t mean you can’t start and improve over time.

And who knows, if you do follow the principles of this approach, you may live long enough to see our healthcare system catch up with you, and prescribe for others one day, LOL!!

Not everyone needs these ideas and ideals, but some may.

If it makes sense, pls SHARE.

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