Five Habits of a More Positive Psychology

Man successful, image inside his headResearch into the science of positive psychology is finally in a place where it can give us meaningful insights on the habits that reflect positive emotions, and also how this might nudge our own psychology in that direction. 

Work on these habits whenever you can. 

  1. First of all, kindness matters. When you help someone else, do a service, or are just nice — with no ulterior motive — your brain responds with positive neurohormones that increase your own happiness.   
  2. You have no doubt heard the advice to create a gratitude inventory. This is super common coaching, and for good reason. When you are present the things, and people, and activities that you love in your life it helps your psychology settle into a more positive frame of reference. 
  3. Find the good. Of course, this doesn’t mean to blow off the bad, just work to interpret events in your life in the most positive way possible. When negative events do happen, practice thinking about what lessons you might learn from that encounter.  
  4. Keep in mind that everyone is on their own journey, and the path you are on is perfectly your own. So practice letting go of comparisons between you and others, and be at peace with who you are right here, right now.   
  5. You may have heard that “we are social animals”, and “people need people”. From the standpoint of our cognitive health, this is completely true. So nurture connections with your family, friends, and coworkers. You don’t have to be Best Friends Forever, just touch base and find out how they’re doing, let them know a bit about you, and share that connection over time. 


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