Here’s Why You Don’t Take Oprah’s Morning Routine at Face Value

Oprah Winfrey famously starts her day with a specific morning routine.

  1. Inventory the 3 things she’s grateful for each morning.
  2. 30 minutes of exercise … still good to go here.
  3. There’s breakfast and prayer, and I get all that.

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I don’t know about you, but I read this and think, “but, but, but … after all that, where’s the coffee”??

For me, okay fine, what I’m missing may be a wee TAD about getting my daily morning caffeine hello-punch to the brain.

But more than that, it’s so so sweet to snug into the couch, heavy cotton throw, slippers and jams, still a bit groggy, just hanging, quiet for a minute before the Class-5 rapids of my life starts up again.

No brain waves needed here and I love that.

If the caffeine in my coffee is activating like a force of YIN, that moment of quiet peace with a warm cuppa is totally my inner balance of YANG.

The thing about Oprah is that she’s such an amazing accomplished [fill in the blank with whatever superlative you got] woman. Seeing all that amazingness, people often think they need to do exactly what she does, because … Oprah!

But you don’t. It’s the principle that matters, not the particulars.

And the principle is this:

Find the solution that works for you to start your day. ID the routine that brings peace and balance before you step back into the wind-tunnel of your life again. So whether you take coffee or don’t, write your gratitude inventory or not … none of that matters nearly as much as creating something that settles and centers you.

But how do you find it? How do you know if you picked the right AM rituals for your day?

You’ll know if you find yourself looking forward to them early, and missing them when they gets interrupted. That’s when you know you’ve found your routine, your way.

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